Grade and Stage in Paper Making Line

In the papermaking process, improving quality and reducing loss is the goal of every paper mill owner. The grades and stages of each production stage are crucial to the production process. But when to increase the number of grades, when to increase the number of stages?

Generally, the increase in the number of stages can greatly increase the total purification rate, but the number of equipment and power consumption will also greatly increase. Therefore, only the pulp of high-grade paper with high quality requirements should be considered to increase the number of grades.

When a small type of low density cleaner is used, the slag discharge rate increases, and the quality of the slurry is often higher, so it is more necessary to reduce fiber loss. When the output is large, the total amount of slurry is large, and the recovery of good fibers must be considered. Generally, according to the requirements of economy, two or even three stages can be considered.

The increase in the number of stages significantly increases the purification rate, but the operating cost increases significantly, and the fiber loss rate also increases. Whether to choose to increase the number of stages can make a reasonable choice according to the quality of the final product. Email address:

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