Fluting carton paper pulping making process is a complicated process. It needs pulping, cleaning, screening equipment and so on. Our company is a professional manufacturer of pulping & paper making equipment. Our products are exported to all countries in the world.

Paper Pulping Making Process

First, through Chain Conveyor to transport the waste paper into the Drum Pulper, waste paper will be broke to single fiber form in high consistency situation.
Then, using High Density Cleaner to remove impurities.
Next, pulp into the Coarse Screen System, the pulp is transported to Middle Consistency Pressure Screen for screening by pulp pump. Impurities and non-deflak pulp into Light Impurity Separator, tailings enter the Reject Separator for final treatment.
Then, paper pulp into Fractionationg Screen, according to ratio ,the fiber of pulp can divide into short fiber and long fiber by fractionating screen,the short fibers passed through the sieve were thickened by a thickener.
At last, through the pulp pump into the short fibers pulp tower storage, and enters into approach system before paper machine.

Leizhan is specialized in complete set of pulping, cleaning, screening and refing equipment, we have strong technical force, excellent numerical control processing machinery, and perfect detection means. If you are interesting in our production, you can contact us to get more details.
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