Fireworks Paper Making Project

Fireworks paper (also called firecracker paper, firecracker paper) is a special paper used to make fireworks and firecrackers. Leizhan offer unit paper pulp making machine, include pulper machine, screening machine, cleanin machine and refining machine, etc used in fireworks paper making project.

Fireworks Paper Making Project Production Process

1. Pulp preparation: First, fiber is extracted from the pulp raw material. Wood pulp, bamboo pulp or waste paper can be used as raw materials. The raw materials are mixed with water, and through processes such as stirring, heating, bleaching and filtration, pulp is made.
2. Pulp into paper: The pulp is fed into the paper machine, the moisture in it is filtered and discharged, and the pulp is evenly distributed in the wire part. The pulp is then pressed, rolled and dried to form paper.
3. Chemical treatment: Firework paper requires some special properties, such as waterproof, flame-resistant, etc. Therefore, after the paper is formed, a series of chemical treatments are required. These treatments generally include steps such as soaking, drying, dipping fire retardant, and adding pigments.
4. Cutting and Winding: After chemical treatment, the paper is cut to the appropriate size and wound on a paper roll.

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