Drum Pulper includes four parts: feed hopper, pre-soaking part, pulping part and screening part. It can both pulping and screening, quite suitable for handling unselected waste paper raw material.

Advantages of Drum Pulper

1. Perfect Fiber Relief.
Waste paper produce gently friction motion under high consistency,. Fibers totally swell up and separate, and the fiber strength and length can be reserved. Thus the paper pulp yield will be improved.
2. Excellent Pulping Quality
Drum Pulper can remove plastic, hot glue, foils and other light & heavy impurities in pulp. It can remove these impurities without cutting or breaking them, thus they can be classified collection, reduce environment protection pressure.
3. Reliable continuous deslagging system.
Easy to maintenance; screen hole doesn’t easy to block; continuously operate for a long time. High deslagging efficiency reduces burden of subsequent equipment.
4. Reduce Equipment Cost
Drum Pulper sets pulping and coarse screen as a whole, which reduces burden of subsequent equipment, thus reduce the offer of whole pulping line.

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