Corrugated/fluting paper machine mainly uses waste paper as raw material to make corrugated/fluting paper, which is a common paper type of packaging  paper.

Corrugated/Fluting Paper Machine

Paper Grade:Corrugated /Fluting Paper
Trimmed Width(mm):1200-6600
Basis Weight(GSM):60-200
Production Capacity(TPD):10-1000



  • Long lasting service life
  • Quality product
  • Flawlessly finish
  • ……

Structure of corrugated/fluting paper machine

1.Headbox(D-Holy Rolls Open type, D-Holy Rolls Air-cushion type, Hydraulic type)
2.Fourdrinier Wire Section
3.Press Section(Combined type , Double Jumbo Press)
4.Dryer Section(Diameter 1.5m, 1.8m group Cylinder)
5.Hood(Open Hood, Closed Hood)
6.Sizing Press
7.Pope Reel
8.AC Inverter Sectional

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