Corrugated base paper is an important raw material for producing packaging paper board. With the wide application and promotion of the use of corrugated boxes, the demands for corrugated base paper will be increased greatly.

Corrugated Base Paper Making Line

Leizhan can supply the full set of pulp and paper making machine for corrugated base paper making line. With Leizhan corrugated base paper making line machine and solution, paper makers can produce high strength corrugated base paper by using waste paper, paper board, wood pulp, etc as raw material.

Corrugated Base Paper Pulp Processing Line

Firstly, raw material will be conveyed into Drum pulper or D type hydrapulper for pulping by Chain Conveyor.

Secondly, as there are some heavy impurities and contaminates like staples, stones, glasses, gravel, scrap iron, dust exist in paper pulp, cleaning equipment like high density cleaner, low density cleaner can be used.

Thirdly, screening devices like mid consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, vibrating screen can be used for fine and coarse screening of paper pulp.

Finally, after a series of screening and deslagging, fine paper pulp will enter into Headbox for paper making.

Corrugated Base Paper Making Machine

Trimmed Width: 1575-5800mm

Basic Weight: 60-150g/m2

Operating Speed: 100-800m/min

Production Capacity: 15-500t/d

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