Chain conveyor belt machine for paper machine is mainly used in the paper industry to transport a variety of loose or bundled materials. It used for transpoting waste paper, pulp board to feeding pulper.
Chain conveyor has reasonable structure and uses chain to drive the movement of the trough plate to transport materials. It has the advantages of large conveying capacity, low power consumption, low wear and reliable work. It is used by many paper mills and has good effect.

The Advantages Of Chain Conveyor Belt Machine

1. The slot plate is stamped and formed once, which is durable and strong in impact resistance.
2. There are V-shaped guard plates on both sides of the chain plate to improve the conveying capacity, ensure that the impurities do not slide down to the roller, and increase the service life.
3. Equipped with a hardened gear reducer with high safety factor.
4. There is a chain board tension adjustment device at the tail of the machine to avoid the phenomenon of derailment and derailment caused by the change of the tightness after a period of use.

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