5000mm Corrugated Paper Making Machine

This paper machine is a 5000mm double wire multi-cylinder paper machine, which is mainly used to produce 90-220g/m² high-strength corrugated paper, etc., and all products are corrugated roll paper. This corrugated paper machine is composed of wire section, press section, drying section, sizing machine, coiling section, transmission section, base section, steam hood section, electric control section, lubrication section, paper threading system and other parts.

Main Technical Data of 5000mm Corrugated/ Fluting Paper Machine

Raw Material: waste paper
Main Product: High Strength Corrugated Paper/ Fluting Paper
Trimmed Width: 5000mm
Basis Weight: 90-220g/m²
Production Capacity: 300T
Working Speed: 350-400m/min
Design Speed: 450m/min
Dynamic Balancing Speed: 550m/min
Wire Width: 5500mm
Headbox lip Width: 5350mm
Gauge: tentatively 6200m

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