Corrugated cardboard is a kind of packaging paper. Our company Leizhan can offer the complete pulping production line of corrugated paper, included paper pulping, screening, cleaning equipment and corrugated paper machine.

Corrugated Cardboard Pulping Line

Raw material: recycled paper, waste paper
Drum pulper: waste paper and water mixed forming pulp, and remove heavy impurities
High density cleaner: remove large impurities
Middle consistency pressure screen: coarde screen and fine screen
Reject separator: fiber relief and impurities separate
Low density cleaner: remove heavy impurities

3600mm Corrugated Cardboard Machine

Paper type: High strength corrugated paper
Net paper width: 3600mm
Basis weight: 70-170g/m2
Design speed: 500m/min
Working speed: 400-450m/min
Production capacity: 150t/d

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