350T/D Three Layers Paper Machine is mainly used for Fluting, Test-liner and Top White kraft.

Main Technical Parameters

Main Product: Fluting (Corrugated) Paper, Test-liner, Top White kraft
Basis Weight Range: 80-350g/㎡
Trimming Width: 4800mm
Working Speed: 400m/min
Design Speed: 450m/min
Wire Width: 550mm
Lip Width of the Head-box: 5200mm
Capacity: 352T/D

Main Parts of 350T/D Three Layers Paper Machine

    • Head-box
    • Fourdrinier Wire Section
    • Press Section
    • Dry Section
    • Size Press
    • Pope Reel
    • Two-roll Calendar
    • Central Oil Lubrication System
    • Base Part
    • Compressed air system
    • Electric Control Section
    • Hydraulic System
    • Mechanical Transmission System

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