Among all papers, gray board paper is the most widely used and can be seen everywhere in life. Gray board paper is suitable for packaging boxes, clothes lining paper, advertising boards, hardcover books, storage boxes, etc. Gray board paper can be produced from a recycled waste paper. Leizhan offer unit waste paper recycling machine for making grey board.

Main Technical Parameters of 3400mm Grey Board Paper Machine

Paper type: Single-sided light gray cardboard
Raw material: waste paper
Trimmed width: 3400mm
Basis weight: 300g/㎡
Capacity: 90t/d
Design speed: 90m/min
Working speed: 80m/min
Transmission speed: 100m/min
Gauge: 4400-4500mm

More and more customers intend to build gray board mills, we can offer full set grey board paper production line machine. Email address:

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