Tube Paper is an industrial paper and is a thin steel paper. It mainly used for making kernels and pipelines. Tube Paper is thicker than the corrugated paper, the basis weight is about 350–1000g/m2. And the paper is tough and durable and has good water resistance.

1575mm Cylinder Mould Type Tube Paper Machine mainly uesd waste paper to produce tube paper. Our company can offer the whole paper production line.

1575mm Cylinder Mould Type Tube Paper Machine Main Specification

Paper Grade: Yarn Tube Paper
Trimmed Width: 1575mm
Basis Weight: 350g/m2
Operating Speed: 180m/mim
Production Capacity: 50t/d

Our company Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making machine for 40 years. We can offer the whole paper making line, include paper pulping making line and paper machine. And we can supply kind of paper machine spare part. If you want to know more about our paper making equipment, you can contact us.

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