High strength corrugated board is widely used in our daily life, can be used as packaging material designed to pack, protect and promote products. Leizhan to supply the complete corrugated board production line for the paper makers to produce high strength corrugated board.
150T/D Corrugated Board Production Line

150T/D Corrugated Board Pulp Producing Line:

Firstly, raw material is conveyed by Chain conveyor to D type hydrapulper for primary pulping, the pulp entered into High density cleaner for removing heavy impurities in paper pulp.
Secondly, the pulp is conveyed into Mid consistency pressure screen for coarse screening. Fine pulp is conveyed into the Pulp pump directly, the tailing is conveyed into Fiber separator for secondary breaking and screening.
Thirdly, the pulp is conveyed into Mid density cleaner, and then enter into Fiber separator for processing long fiber in paper pulp.
In addition to that, the paper pulp is conveyed into three stage Low density cleaner and Mid consistency fine screen for further processing.
Finally, the pulp is conveyed into Inflow pressure screen before paper machine.

150T/D Corrugated Board Production Machine

Leizhan corrugated paperboard making machine has the trimmed width range of 1575-5800mm, and a basic weight range of 60-150g/m2. It can produce 15-500 tons of high strength corrugated paperboard per day by using waste paper, used cardboard, wood pulp,etc as raw material.

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