There are a lot of foreign matters in waste paper pulp. Some of them has high density, such as stone, staples, glasses, etc, and some of them has a low density, such as bits of wood, resin, grease, etc. After being handled by High Density Cleaner, Mid Density Cleaner and Pressure Screen, the left impurities’s density is very similar to fibers. These impurities are fine sand, lime powder, wax, etc. When used for manufacturing paper, these impurities will form black spot on the paper surface, which will influence paper bursting strength, folding strength, smoothness, surface clearness, etc.

Low Density Cleaner is used for removing these kinds of impurities. It can apply to handling AOCC, LOCC, EOCC and other kinds of waste paper. Fewest fiber loss, highest deslagging efficiency.

  • Open and closed deslagging type.
  • Numbers and diameter are optional according to the paper type, capacity and application.
  • The texture of main body is stainless steel. There are ceramic cone inside./li>
  • ……

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