Headbox is called “the heart of paper machine”. Its construction and performance play a decisive role in paper making process. The headbox generates a jet of water and fiber that is trapped between the wires(or wire and felt).


  • No flakes or floks in the paper
  • Uniform basis weight profile
  • Good run-ability
  • Steable pulp jet, the speed of pulp and wire is coordinate.


1. To transform the stock deliveres by feed pump flow into an even, rectangular discharge equal in width to the paper machine and at a uniform velocity, consistency and pressure in the machine direction.
2. Since the formation and uniformity of the final paper product are dependent on the even dispersion of fibers and fillers, the design and the operation of the headbox system are absolutely critical to a successful papermaking.
3. The headbox is joined to the short circulation through an approach pipe and inlet header and , from the other end, it supplies stock to the forming section through a slice channel and slice opening. Headbox design and adjustments affect the quality of paper through the composition and dynamic properties of stock.

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