Press Section of paper machine exerts a great influence on the quality of paper, and leizhan company would like to share our experience received by paper making process.

1. The breaking strength of paper increases with the increase of pressing force, due to the bonding strength of paper, tensile strength varies with the change of bonding strength between fibers, so increasing the press force can improve the tensile strength of paper.

2. The thickness of looseness decreases with the increase of pressing force. The pressing force has a certain influence on tearing degree, which mainly depends on the degree of beating. The porosity of paper increases linearly with the increase of press force, and the opacity of paper decreases with the increase of press force, which decreases the reflection coefficient of paper.
3. Improve the two-sided characteristic of the paper, pressing can make the fibers keratinized, reduce the swelling ability, and decrease the water retention value, especially for kraft pulp.

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