Doctor is generally composed of scraper base, scraper holder, pressure device, swing device, scraper blade and other components, including bearings and other accessories. Doctor is a common mechanical device in paper machine, which can be divided into two types: one is the doctor used for cleaning rollers (including net/press roll, calendering rolle, coiling roll); the other is the functional doctor, such as coating doctor, wrinkling doctor, etc. Here mainly talks about the roll cleaning Doctor. Doctor remove contaminants and water from the surface of the drum/dryer by keeping the blade in a fixed position and swinging back and forth under the same pressure, such as swinging on the smooth press roll to remove debris from paper surface rupture. When used for guiding roller cleaning and in conjunction with the spray system, the scraper is an effective tool to keep the fabric clean, because most of the machine surface contaminants will be transferred from the fabric to the smooth roll. Scrapers are often used to remove these contaminants to prevent contaminants from accumulating and re-contaminating or damaging fabrics.

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