Posted on Oct 09, 2017


Drum pulper is mainly used for continuously pulping all kinds of waste paper, like newspaper, industrial board paper, mixed waste paper, etc. It can also coarse screen paper pulp and handle tails. Drum pulper owns three industrial areas: presoak area, high consistency pulping area and screen area.

Waste paper raw material will firstly enter presoak area from the Chain Conveyor. Then it enters high consistency pulping area under the consistency of 14% to 20%. With rotation of the drum, waste paper is took up by the lifting board on the inner wall, and then falls after rising to a certain height.

Then it impacts with the hard inner surface, thus the waste paper in pulping area repeatedly falls and strikes. Under the mild pulping action of shear force and friction, raw material is dissociated into single fiber, while the thin film, plastic, cloth and other impurities in the waste paper are not broken.

Waste paper pulp after breaking will go along the dip angle under the drum drive, from pulping area into the screening area; The above position of screening area is equipped with a flush water pipe.

The pulp will be washed and diluted once they enters the screening area. The pulp consistency will down to 3-4%. The acceptable fibers go into the pulp chest through screen holes. Rough impurities are blocked by screen plate and stay in screening area and constantly elutriated. Finally they discharge from discharge mouth at the end of drum.

Recently Leizhan provides a ZG2750 Drum Pulper for a paper production line in Guangzhou. The capacity of this paper pulping line is 250,000 ton per year.

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