low density cleaner

High Density Cleaner is mainly applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp, like steples, stones, glasses, etc. By using the different proportion between fibers and impurities to separate the heavy impurities to obtain high purification effect.

Equipment Benefits:

● Tank is made of stainless steel or ceramic material, service life of 3-5 years or even longer;

● Manual discharge and self-discharging two kinds;

● Easy to maintain, just need to ensure that each valve rotate flexibly, without water leaking, all pressure is stable and normal;

● large production capacity, zero fiber loss.

Low Density Cleaner can be used to purify the raw fiber pulp and waste paper pulp. Metal impurities, sand, stone, mud, glass fragments in the pulp can be removed effectively.

● Divided into 3-4 parts, easy to assembly and disassembly;

● It can be supplied in a combined unit or in a single unit;

● Different deslagging ways include open and closed type impurity discharge.

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