Whether the steam supply system of the Drying Section is reasonable or not has a great influence on the quality of paper, steam consumption and operation management of the Drying Section.

This part is mainly designed according to the following principles:
1) Effective use of steam to save energy.
2) The temperature of each part can be adjusted flexibly so as to obtain appropriate drying temperature curve.
3) It is easy to discharge the non-condensable gas in the system, so as to improve the heat transfer efficiency.

In order to meet these requirements, the method of multi-stage steam ventilation is generally adopted. The characteristics of multi-stage steam ventilation system are that the dryers in the drying part of multi-dryers are divided into several groups (generally 3-5 groups, the number of dryers is less than 20, and some of them are only divided into two groups). The new steam from boilers is generally fed into the first group of dryers, while the second group uses the first group. The second vapor produced by the decompression and reboiling of condensate water in the dryer is lower in the second group than in the first group.

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