Double Disc Refiner, used to refine and beat the pulp to achieve the required degree of papermaking. Its Control system can be divided into two types as follow.

The system has two control modes: manual control and automatic control. Manual control, the operator on-site control, according to the real-time situation on-site to manually control the feed and withdraw knife to achieve the required working conditions; automatic control, the operator only need to set the required pulp power on the upper computer or touch screen, the pulp machine will automatically adjust according to the program design and actual field data. In order to meet the production requirements. Because the system can be manual automatic and automatic control, local operation on site and remote operation in the control room, the system hasĀ  strong operation, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. Because of its tight structure, less ancient land, power saving and low noise, it has strong adaptability and convenient maintenance.

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