85T Corrugated Paper Production Line Machine

Nov 13, 2020

Indian customer has a new production line of 85T Corrugated Paper. The complete set of Corrugated Paper pulping equipment is provided by Leizhan. They visited our factory and deeply recognized our products.

Bangladesh 400t White Board Paper Making Line

Nov 12, 2020

Bangladesh customer has a new production line that is 400t White Board Paper Making Line. They deeply recognized our products and successfully signed a contract. The complete set of pulping equipment was provided by Leizhan.

India 300t T Paper Making Project

Nov 11, 2020

Indian customer is our old customer. They currently operate a 300T/D T paper production line. As the production capacity increases, new equipment is needed, so they chose to sign with Leizhan again.

Mongolia 30T Corrugated Paper Production Line

Sep 04, 2020

Mongolian customer has a new production line of 30t/d corrugated cardboard paper production line. They deeplyrecognized our products and we successfully signed the contract. The whole production line was provided by our company Leizhan.

Russia Paper Pulp Making Machine

Sep 04, 2020

Russian customer is an old customer that we have cooperated with for many years. This time, they add pulp equipment due to the increase in production capacity. They once again chose to signed with our company Leizhan.

Saudi Arabia Pulping Machine Disc Thickener

Sep 03, 2020

Saudi customer has a 300T/D packaging paper mill. They are our old customer. Previously, they have ordered a batch of Agitator before, and this time they ordered a 60m3 Disc Thickener.

Bangladesh 400T White Board Paper Project

Sep 03, 2020

Bangladeshi customer stares a new line of 400T/D white board paper project. Through depth understanding of our company’s products, they recognized our products and successfully signed a contract.

Armenia Corrugated T Paper Project

Sep 02, 2020

Armenia customer has a new line of 100T/D corrugated, T paper, and whiteboard project. Through in-depth understanding, our company’s products were deeply recognized and successfully signed.

Vietnam Corrugated Cardboard Paper Project

Sep 01, 2020

Vietnam customer has a new 350T corrugated  cardboard paper project. They choose our equipment again and sign the contract smoothly. The complete of paper pulp making line provide…

Paper Pulp Machine High Density Cleaner

Aug 04, 2020

Indian customer add two sets of High Density Cleaner for paper stock preparation line. High density cleaner is mainly applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp.

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